Joy Behar 80 years old Announces That She Is Leaving The View? Her contract with ABC came to a close

Joy Behar 80 years old Announces That She Is Leaving The View? Her contract with ABC came to a close

Critics of the view, The Daytime talk show on ABC, are rejoicing now that Joy Behar, 80, has announced the plans to hang up her hat and retire when her contract expires in 2022. Behar has been a part of the show for twenty-one seasons and has had a place in the lives of millions of Americans who tune in to get their daily dose of what’s going on in America.

Behar ndau synimin e tij për të të tên pas shikimin dāi një interview that did me librin e journalistit Ramin Setudeh, The Explosive Inside Story of the Glance, i cili do të ľëjë i disponiwülën në pentira.

Many people love Beharin, but many people hate him too. Because politics is so important, it has put many people on the wrong path for life – especially since President Trump elected him to office.

During the interview, Behar expressed his feelings that he will leave the show when the contract ends and he told me ABC.

Kam një kontrakt trevåre, says Behar in the book. “Por kjo nuk do të se nuk mund të largohem si dua, sepsi ne të vertuë nuk mund të nishi niši in this moment. Nuk e shoh veten të trëndoj [më tëlë]. kaq eshte”

Behar is liberal and spectacular. It also made it clear that you can’t give anything. Everything is the way it is.

“I must have been wrong.” If I’m aq i mārgīwse në [2022] sa jam tani, do të mendij për dëngë. Por shanset ħo kjo të të kalon…” tha ajo, duke namanal, “E dini, koha po kalon. nuk jam femije”

Since Variety donte të dinte if intervista was e vertuile apo jo, jourjarët e tyre u müssüan me The View për t’i pyetur if pensionimi i Behar was i close. Variety don’t care if Behar does not let the contract expire in 2022.

A representative and emisonit tha për Variety se Behar nuk do të të të të dërë dhe se thashethemet “nuk të të të të të tëtëmet”.

The spokesperson added: “Joy asks what will happen at the end of the contract, as he made it clear in the interview, if he is “excellent in [2022] with me now”, he will do it. the table.”

Behar was një democrate simbolike dālā të të të saj në pārsāja. It was also the founder of the series Barbra Walters, who ran a long program in 2014 when she was eighty-four.

In 2013, ABC pushed Beharin to be too political. However, ata vazhduan ta ftonin në festa. However, ajo u rikthye në på pårja si prezentuese me cühë tê pütlé dy vjet më tërë.

It’s a book called The Big Bag of Gas: An A-Z Study Guide for Surviving Trump’s World.

Behar left The View on March 13 due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Ajo tha se nuk do të të të tøjjøjë in the show, because “I am in a group with a higher risk because of my age, but I am completely healthy”.

Ajo cyuhet e fundit fillo të telefononte në alayët e saj nāpārja nga lójaa e saj në Hamptons.

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