A Man Cancels His Wedding When His Fiancée Gets Angry Because He Chose Niece With Down Syndrome To Be A Flower Girl

A Man Cancels His Wedding When His Fiancée Gets Angry Because He Chose Niece With Down Syndrome To Be A Flower Girl

Blood is thicker than water, they say – and it couldn’t be truer for a man who called off his wedding after his fiancee became angry that he chose his sister’s daughter as their flower girl.

In a post on Reddit’s “Am I The A******” thread, a man with the username u/arturomurphis revealed how their planned wedding began to fall apart.

“My fiancee and I are planning a wedding.” He comes from a big family. He has 5 sisters, most of whom have children. 4 of her sisters are her bridesmaids, one of whom serves as maid of honor. I come from a small family: just my parents, my sister and my niece, Brynn. Bryn is 3 years old and almost my best friend. “I am her godfather, I love her a little,” he said.

From the beginning, he allowed the bride to choose who she wanted for her wedding. His fiancee didn’t even include his sister in the list of bridesmaids, which he said he understood.

But things heated up when it finally came down to the younger roles at the wedding. His fiancée wanted her granddaughter to be the flower girl, who is usually the youngest person to walk the bride down the aisle.

While the man had no problem having his fiancee’s granddaughter as a florist, he wanted his granddaughter, who is close to him, to be one of the florists. Besides, his niece and his fiancee get along, which he thought was perfect.

Her eldest nephews are the groomsmen, the youngest wears the ring. She has only one granddaughter, Aubrey, who is 4 years old. My fiancee wants her to be a flower girl. I said that’s fine, but I also want Brynn to be like that. They could walk down the aisle together, that would be so sweet. “Bryn likes to play with Aubrey, so they get along,” he said.

But his fiancee disagreed with him and told him he could only have one flower girl, as she wanted to have a traditional wedding where only one flower girl was needed to walk down the aisle.

His fiancee then told him that his granddaughter Bryn could sit with his family instead.

“My fiancee says she wants our wedding to be ‘traditional’ so there can only be one florist. I suggested that Brynn hold a sign or something while Aubrey throws the flowers. “My fiancee said no, she can sit with my sister and parents,” he said.

But he insisted on making his niece a flower girl, telling his sister about it, which made his fiancee angry with him. His granddaughter held an important place in his heart and the man knew he had to fight for her. His fiancee and Aubrey’s mother then accused him of stealing Aubrey’s attention.

“My fiancee got mad and I said it’s my day too, Bryn means a lot to me and she’s going to be at the wedding.” “My fiancee and Aubrey’s mom are mad at me, saying I’m stealing Aubrey’s attention,” he said.

After his post went viral, he gave an update on their situation, revealing that they sat down to talk about it.

Instead of improving the situation, it got worse after the woman told her the real reason she didn’t want Brynn to be a flower girl. That’s because he has Down syndrome. So he decided to cancel the wedding.

“Finally, my fiancee was honest. She doesn’t want Brynn at our wedding because Brynn has Down syndrome. She said that everyone will look at her, regret, etc. Turns out it wasn’t the spotlight on Aubrey, it was my fucking fiancee. “I told him to fuck off, I called an expert and told him not to worry, he won’t be the center of attention to steal anymore, because there is no wedding,” he said.

After an intense confrontation, the man decided to leave their apartment and instead stayed at his sister’s house, where he was supposed to spend time with Brynn. To his surprise, his fiancee suddenly texted him saying she was ready to compromise. But the man said he was “probably done” and said he agreed with what commentators had to say about their situation.

One person mentioned that they may need to undergo counseling to resolve their differences.

Meanwhile, another person said the woman could have at least fulfilled his wish to turn the groom’s granddaughter into a flower girl.

“Really. She’s already taken over both parts of the bridal party, so the least he can do is give her a flower girl,” the person said.

But most of the people who commented on his post sided with him, with many saying the woman appeared selfish for making everything related to the wedding about her.

“Are you sure you want to have a marriage with her, she already sounds like she is the only one that matters and selfish?” one person wrote.

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