Three sisters aged nine, eight and five found deɑd in neighbor’s pond

Three sisters aged nine, eight and five found deɑd in neighbor’s pond

Three sisters, ages 9, 8 and 5, were found deɑd in a neighbor’s pond.

After disappearing from their home in Texas while being watched by a family friend, the three girls were later found deɑd.

Te’Marie Robinson Oliver, 5, Zi’Ariel Robinson Oliver, 9, A’Miiah Hughes, 8, and their small town home were reported missing Friday night.

Early Saturday morning, a dive crew recovered their remains from a personal pond on a neighboring property. The cause of their deɑth has not yet been announced.

The deɑth of my beautiful babies, their mother said on Facebook, “is so unbelievable.”

The heɑrtbr0ken mum admitted that while it was a difficult time, she “had to stay strong for my other three babies”.

Around 10:00 p.m. on Friday, Zi’Ariel, A’Miya and Temari disappeared from their home in Atlanta, which is about 200 miles east of Fort Worth. This sparked a multi-agency search for the children.

The children and their other siblings were watched by a family friend while their mother, Shomanik Oliver, 28, was at work. The nanny reported them missing by calling 911.

Authorities learned around 2 a.m. Saturday that the girls had been discovered in a lake near Interstate 77.

After discovering a pair of shoes and other clothing scattered around and in the water, police focused their hunt around the lake.

Texas hunter Shawn Hervey said Saturday they found clothing in and around the lake.

For this reason, they focused their search on that small water area and with the help of divers they managed to save three vic.tims around 02:00, the announcement states.

The bike appears to have been dumped on the property, possibly near a lake, in video taken at the scene. It is not known if the girls cycled onto the property or if it belonged to them.

Cass County Sheriff Larry Rowe told The Tekkarana Gazette they have no idea what the women were doing there.

The bodies of the deceɑsed have been handed over for death since the officials have not ascertained how they passed away.

According to Rowe, no one has been charged with anything.

This is not a common occurrence, but it does happen, Harvey said.

According to Shomaonik, who said she is still grieving her daughter’s death and is not available for interviews.

She took to social media to say it was “unpredictable” and a “tremendous pain and shock” to their entire family, adding that at the moment she is just trying to bu.ry her babies.

She stated that throughout the process her family has supported her and helped her through this difficult time with her and the deɑth of her precious daughter (sic) is so amazing.

But she knows she must keep calm for the sake of her three children, who need her more than ever.

The distraught mum has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeraI fees and other related expenses.

Her family and she were really upset and shocked by this which was completely unexpected. She said they are now looking for help to give her beloved corners a break. Anything anyone can provide would be sincerely appreciated.

The distraught mother prayed to God in another fast: “Lord, I’m begging you and she’s thinking please, she wants her children back. It hurts and words can’t describe the sadness she’s going through. She just wants for her daughters to return to her arms.

Rest easy, her lovely little girls, and say hello to grandma for her; she misses and loves everything, she continued.

Shommaonikue received an outpouring of encouragement from friends and relatives during this extremely difficult time.

Stephanie Spriggs-Luckey wrote that no words will make her feel better. She is truly sorry for the deɑth of her precious children and prays to God to comfort her and give her peace as only he can.

Photos of the children were posted on Facebook by her cousin Chyna Davis, who wrote: “These babies are on my mind even though they are family and friends.

My heart cries out for you dear girl and I love you cousin!

Shommaonikue’s Facebook page has been flooded with condolences, prayers and notes from family members expressing their utter sh0ck at the deɑth.

Dapatrick Jones agreed, saying, “I’m praying for you and that God gives you strength.

It doesn’t seem real at all, LaKeitia Malone said. “Yes, keep fighting for [your other children]. We’re on your side, after all. (as)’

J Ray Webb-Hill asked everyone to contribute to the fundraising website and posted pictures of the sisters, saying the family would “really appreciate any support you can give”.


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