Patrick Duffy found love at 71 after winning Linda Purl’s heart on Zoom – they talked for hrs, 7 days a week.

Patrick Duffy, 73, of “Dallas,” and Linda Purl, 67, of “Happy Days,” both had successful careers in Hollywood but never met despite working in the same profession for decades.

Duffy and his wife, Carolyn Rosser, had a long and happy marriage, whereas Purl had been married to four other men before meeting Duffy.

Purl married her first husband, Desi Arnaz Jr., from 1980 to 1981, and her second husband, William Broyles Jr., from 1988 to 1992. She married her third husband, Alexander Cary, in 1993, and they divorced in 1999.

She was married to her fourth and final husband, James Vinson Adams, from 2006 to 2011. Purl had only one child with Cary, and despite having been married four times, she had never considered dating again.

For a long time, Duffy was unable to move on from his wife’s loss. He was visibly moved when he stated that he missed Rosser’s touch the most and felt closest to her at the time.

Duffy, on the other hand, rediscovered love in 2019 at the age of 71. Purl came into his life and eventually changed everything. Surprisingly, Duffy used the video calling tool Zoom to grab Purl’s heart. They felt like teenagers when they first met a few years ago.

Duffy and Purl have never met despite working in the same industry. Their unlikely romance began in the fall of 2019. They met at a Los Angeles event through a mutual acquaintance.

The three started texting each other, but the friend eventually pulled out, leaving Duffy and Purl to continue texting each other, which allowed them to bond.

Their newfound connection quickly evolved to weekly FaceTime calls every Wednesday, where they would check in on each other despite the distance—Duffy was filming in Canada, while Purl was performing in New York.

They would discuss their filming locations and how their homes seemed. At the time, Duffy showed Purl his Oregon ranch, and Purl showed him her apartment.

Their FaceTime sessions lasted three weeks, with Duffy looking forward to Wednesdays with bated breath. They maintained long-distance communication even when the COVID-19 epidemic erupted.

Duffy and Purl met on FaceTime and eventually communicated for several months on Zoom calls while isolating themselves in their own homes—Duffy on his ranch and Purl in Colorado.

Their conversations became more in-depth, and they discovered more commonalities than just their work in the entertainment industry. They sought sanctuary in family and children, and Purl offered to read Duffy his poems.

Duffy never expected to find love again following Rosser’s loss, but after meeting Purl, their friendship quickly grew into something more.

Purl recalled that they had agreed to meet after the disease and seclusion passed. However, for the heartbroken actor, the waiting game seemed far too long.

Despite the pandemic’s challenges and his grief for his late wife, Duffy was desperate to see Purl, so he drove for 23 hours uninterrupted to see her.

Purl referred to their relationship as a “Victorian process,” suggesting that it lasted a long time. They spent weeks speaking and getting to know each other before their unusual first date and first kiss.

Duffy stated that they would talk on Zoom for hours seven days a week.

Duffy mentioned how his and Purl’s relationship seemed to have fallen into place seamlessly over the course of three years, despite his initial aim of never dating again after his wife’s loss.

Duffy never devised a “plan of action” for finding love again after a long marriage. He claimed that the universe “stepped in” to assist him, eventually leading him to Purl.

After being imprisoned in Colorado and legally starting a relationship, Duffy and Purl began working together and even appeared in a play. It was rare for Purl to walk to and from the stage while holding hands with her sweetheart.

She remembers Duffy clapping her on the back and saying, “Nice work,” at the end of a scene. Purl was constantly unconsciously placing her hand on Duffy’s leg and then resuming their handshake.

Duffy described his life as “excellent,” while Purl indicated that many of his goals had been met. She went on to say that they are content with either working or not working at all.

Duffy stated that their sector has experienced both “good and negative” changes, and he and Purl consider themselves fortunate to have witnessed them all. They are usually keen to take on new projects when asked.

He remarked that they consider themselves lucky to be employed and appreciate any possibilities that come their way. They approach each day grateful for what they have.

Aside from performing, the couple enjoys working out and cooking together. They also invented Duffy’s Dough sourdough starter kits, which were inspired by Duffy’s mother, who used to bake when he was a child.

Duffy made sourdough pancakes in the early days of his relationship with Purl, and the concept for a firm was born. He had never considered turning it into a business, but Purl accepted it and ran it right immediately.

Duffy also recognized Purl as a master cook. He claimed that seeing her prepare meals taught him new skills every day. He went on to say that their lifestyles are really complementary in many aspects.

Apart from cooking and baking sourdoughs, the duo enjoys sharing funny content on social media. Purl added that they shot “short movies” of Elmer, their “adopted” seagull that visits their balcony frequently in search of a bite.

Duffy and Purl are madly in love right now. The charming couple has successfully formed a tight link with one another, and as a result, they have begun a new life together filled with love and joy.

They’ve both moved on from previous relationships and found a new beginning with one another, and neither feels guilty. They’ve demonstrated that love can flourish at any age and that anything is possible.

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