An Agent Repays A Homeless Man With A Home After He Returned The $10K Check He Lost

Elmer Alvarez from New Haven, Connecticut, made the decision to perform a kind act in November 2017. The missing check totaling over $10,000 was discovered by the homeless man, who chose to return it to its rightful owner rather than cash it for himself. Alvarez had no idea that his activities would cascade and finally enable him to assist young people who were homeless.

Although the plight of the homeless is discussed, solutions remain elusive. Sometimes the answers are as simple as one individual going above and beyond to care for others. Alvarez’s story may not be as spectacular as many others, but it does demonstrate what can happen when people care enough to act.

The endearing tale from November 2017 got off to an unusual start. A nearly $11,000 check was in the fingers of Roberta Hoskie, a real estate agent, when it vanished. The check fell out of her fingers as she was conducting errands around town when it happened, not far from a busy crossroads. Most likely, the bustle and road noise distracted her. New Haven, Connecticut, might be a lively city after all. She didn’t even become aware that the check had been lost until the next day.

Some issues might be resolved by asking for the cheque to be cancelled, but no real estate agent wants to find themselves in that situation. In the huge metropolis, accidents and mishaps do occur, and people do drop stuff. They may include cheques for $10,800.

Continue reading to find out more about this touching story of how one man’s kind gesture resulted in a moment that changed his life.

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Hoskie’s phone rang before she could deal with the missing check issue. Alvarez was on the phone and he was happy to talk. He intended to return the cheque after finding it. When Hoskie went to meet Alvarez, she was astounded to learn that he was homeless.

Hoskie wished to thank Alvarez for his good deed and reward him. Hoskie first offered Alvarez some cash as a reward, but she later learned he was homeless. She decided to take a still more significant and influential action. She assisted in finding accommodations for Alvarez.

The incident was captured on film as a result. Hoskie was seen in the moving video informing Alvarez that she had secured him a place to stay.

The New Haven Register claims that Hoskie was moved to desire to do more for Alvarez by her deep trust in God. She put a lot of effort into getting him enrolled in her school’s job training program, where he took a real estate exam. Also, she sought to connect him with a housing program. Alvarez would no longer have to be concerned about remaining outside the cold, according to Hoskie. Alvarez sobbed in response to the news. Hoskie gave him a bear embrace as his feelings overcame him.

According to a January 2019 CBS News article, the couple intended to open transitional housing for homeless teens and young adults in order to pay it forward once more. The residence, according to Alvarez, would offer all kinds of assistance, which he calls “crucial” for young people who are suffering homelessness. “I have experienced homelessness. Nobody ought to live like that, he continued.

Hoskie shared a personal narrative in the video that explains why she had such sympathy for Alvarez. Hoskie experienced homelessness when she was younger. Hoskie was a single mother who made a pitiful monthly salary. That resulted in her becoming homeless and all the subsequent difficulties. Hoskie refused to let her predicament create insurmountable barriers for her.

“Because I can recall. In January 2019, she told CBS, “I remember how it felt to be at that shelter. She’s a successful realtor, as everyone now knows. She also has a great heart and a compassionate disposition.

Millions of people watched the NBC News-produced film when it appeared on the network. Perhaps millions of viewers might be inspired to lend a hand to others in the same way that Hoskie did for Alvarez. On the internet, people kept watching the video. More people watching the film will hopefully make them aware that good things do occur in the world.

In December 2019, Hoskie made headlines once more when she released a book titled “Poverty Curse Broken: The Roberta Hoskie Story.” The book describes her upbringing in “the hood,” as well as her struggles with trauma, homelessness, and abuse, according to CT Insider.

For people to make their dreams come true, Hoskie argued that they need to have faith, a strong drive, and self-control. Nothing is insurmountable. Simply scan the area. What you want to do has already been done by someone. You can do it if they can.

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