‘Thank you, Mom & Dad!’ Adopted Girl Tears Up Seeing Her Bed After Being Homeless for Years

The abandoned infant Veronica and Joseph adopted never spoke. She shocked them by saying, “Thank you, Mom & Dad,” in their bedroom one night. The park was rosy as Veronica and Joseph walked. After losing their only child to cancer, nature helped.

When they approached the park bridge, Veronica gently rested her head on Joseph’s shoulder and whispered, “Should we try for another kid, honey? Maybe. You think? ”

Joseph sighed. “We can, man,” he said. You sure? I’ll wait. This requires mental preparation.”

“You’re correct,” she cried. “I miss Sammy—our beautiful boy—how could God be so cruel and take him away?

Veronica saw eyes staring at them while crying over their son. What happened next startled her.

She stared. Can we help? Veronica asked. What’s your name, Veronica? ”

No response.

Veronica sighed. Talk to her? Scared.”

Joseph approached. Honey. We’re starving and want sandwiches and hot cocoa at that park cafe. Want to join us? ”

Love heals.

“Yes, honey,” Veronica said, grabbing her hand. Join us? Talking’s optional. Some delicious! ”

After seeing Joseph, she approached Veronica.

Veronica supported. My hand! ”

She approached Veronica and clasped her hands. Veronica smiled. Feed you! ”

Veronica and Joseph bought her sandwiches and chocolate shakes at a cafe. Her messy appearance drew attention as she ate discreetly.

Veronica and Joseph brought the girl home to sleep in Sam’s bed. Next morning, they phoned the police and CPS, but the girl hid behind Veronica when questioned.

“She seems to trust you,” the social worker informed Veronica. Feed her? We can’t help unless she speaks up, but she feels safe here.”

“I don’t think we’re ready for that,” Joseph told Veronica.


We can. We’re certified because…well…we contemplated adopting!

The worker said, “Good. You can hold the girl until we find her parents or anyone who knows her. Luck!”

Veronica couldn’t justify keeping the girl home.

As her family departed, Veronica and Joseph adopted her. She never complained.

Her trauma was diagnosed by the couple’s doctor.

Doctor: “Shock.” “Your daughter went through a terrible tragedy, and she still hasn’t fully recovered from it.” “Although medical science can work wonders, I think your youngster needs love and care at this point. As her parents, only you can.”

Joseph soothed her, “I have an idea. We can try!

To recover from Sam’s loss, Joseph and Veronica gave Millie a princess room!


“Millie’s room!

they said.

Millie’s apathy disappointed them.

Didn’t you enjoy your room honey?

Princesses are everything! Finally, your bed! Yours! Daddy and I know you love princesses!”

Milly looked around but said nothing.

Victoria and Joseph sulked.

Joseph suggested therapy.

Millie entered their bedroom and cried, shocking Joseph and Veronica.

“What’s wrong honey?

Are you alright, Victoria?

“Thank you… Skye,” she shocked Victoria and Joseph.

Can I be Skye?

“We adore you, honey,” Joseph replied. “Are you Skye?”

Her head shook. “I met mum and you at the park and the sky was pink. I’m Heaven.”

Victoria beamed. “Yeah! You’re joy! No Milli! We adore you!”

After her mother died, Milli/Ski wandered the streets alone and slept under bridges, in alleys, and anywhere she could.

“Heavens,” Victoria exclaimed, “Honey, I recall the pink sky. It was fated.” They cried and embraced him.

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