Boy Didn’t Ask For Any Gifts From Santa Instead Request To Help His Sister.

Boy Didn’t Ask For Any Gifts From Santa Instead Request To Help His Sister.

The new-age children’s wishes are sometimes bringing surprise to us when those letters contain wishes just more than toys, dresses, etc. Sometimes they surprise us with some unusual wishes. This is one such story of the year 2013.

When Karen Suffern, of Rocky Mount, N.C. asked her 8-year-old twins – Ryan and Amber – to write a letter to Santa, she was shocked by their response.

To her surprise, in his letter, Ryan asked Santa to stop the kids at school from buIIying his sister. Amber was a third grader who faced buIIies every day. Karen expected her twins to look for the usual toys, books, clothes, etc.

On his first wish, Ryan wrote: “Dear Santa… I wanted a car and a [remote control] helicopter but I don’t want this. The kid at school is still picking on Amber and it’s not fair because she doesn’t do anything to him…,. “I begged you to stop, but God is unusual and needs your help.” Is it against the rules to give the gift early?”, he wrote.

(Forget the typos. He’s a cute little kid after all)

In his second wish he wrote: “Can you ask Big Time Rush to come to Amber’s birthday party? It will make him so happy. If you can’t make them come, just take whatever she asks for. Thanks Santa.”

Amber was a fan of the band Big Time Rush which was famous in New York.

Karen said: “Ryan gave me his and told me not to read it, so of course I read it to find out what he wanted,” “Then I realized and thought, ‘Oh my God.’

When Karen posted the letter on her Facebook page to share with family and a few close friends, it went viral around the world. People were moved by Ryan’s words. “It’s amazing and overwhelming at the same time,” Karen said.

When Good Morning America saw his letter, they called Karen and her twins. One of his requests was granted that day by Good Morning America.

When she sat down with Good Morning America co-host Josh Elliott, Amber explained how the kids at school pick on her, but said she doesn’t know why.

In the interview, Amber told Elliott: “They say I’m fat. I am stupid. I’m ugly. I’m ugly too. I really don’t trust them.”

When Ryan said he wanted the kids to bother him instead of his sister, she said, “They shouldn’t.” “Yeah, yeah,” he interjected. Amber said Ryan is a fun, active and protective brother. That is why she was touched by his letter to Santa Claus.

Meanwhile, to their surprise, Big Time Rush was waiting to give them a surprise early birthday present, just what Ryan wanted. Amber was serenaded with a special performance by her favorite band, Big Time Rush. It brought a much needed smile to her face. They were also invited as VIP guests at a weekend concert in New York.

Now about the buIIing: Karen was already aware that her daughter was being buIIied at school and it broke her heart. “She was saying things to me that kids would say at school,” Karen explained. “She’ll crawl around with eggs to do different things: she’ll crawl on the floor of the bus.” You know, she would eat things out of chairs…It hurts because I’m like, “I hope she doesn’t feel the way I did when I was her age”? And this was a model.”

Karen was also ɑbused in her childhood. In a recent conversation with Amber, she said: “Sometimes I feel like I want to pass away so they can leave me alone.” That’s when Karen decided it needed to end.

“As soon as those words came out of her mouth, I actually felt my heart stop,” Karen said, becoming emotional. “I told him I would do anything to protect him.”

Karen said Amber suffers from ADHD, depression and a mood disorder. Because of Ryan’s letter, Karen was allowed to start a dialogue with her children’s school, which made things better for Amber.

Karen said: “The school have been in touch and are making sure my daughter feels comfortable and safe. They took him on a bus because about 98 percent of moIestations happen on the bus. “She is now sitting with her cousin who is much older than Amber.”

“Today and yesterday she didn’t wake up and beg me to let her stay home, so I think that’s a good sign,” Karen said.

This shows how a small letter properly motivated can have a big impact.

It gives hope. Inspire. Change life. Share this story.

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