Pierce Brosnan stands by and defends his wife in response to trolls’ remarks regarding her weight

Pierce Brosnan stands by and defends his wife in response to trolls’ remarks regarding her weight

Most people believe that Hollywood relationships are short-lived.

It is common for celebrities in entertainment industry to collaborate with numerous other famous people during their careers, which exposes them to temptation and leads to them meeting new partners along the road.

For many couples in the industry, this may be the case, but not for Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keeley. They have been together for three decades.

Keely, who is ten years younger than Pierce, first met him at a party in Mexico.

The woman was a reporter first assigned to interview Ted Dunson. She ended up having a great time with Pierce.

In 2001, Keeley revealed to People, “Tall, dark and hot, everything that would make anyone instantly attracted.”

At the time, the James Bond actor had only recently lost his wife Cassandra to ovarian cancer. He was looking for another person’s company, and Kili’s arrival couldn’t have been more timely.

Cassandra already had two children when she met Pierce, which meant the man became a single father after adopting the boys shortly after marrying their mother. Pierce and Cassandra married shortly after the birth of their third child.

Three years after their marriage, in 1997, Kiley and Pierce made the decision to expand their happy family with another child.

In January of that year, they welcomed a son named Dylan. After another four years, in 2008, they gave birth to a second son, whom they named Paris.

Keeley had to work hard to gain weight as she gave birth to two boys within four years. She could not lose weight and had to carry another child for the second time.

Keeley wasn’t one to be swayed by people’s unreasonable expectations that Hollywood stars should always look perfect, and she didn’t let those expectations get to her.

She was happy about the change in her appearance despite the pregnancies that made her gain weight. She liked the fact that she had put on a little weight as a result of becoming a mother, despite being very thin before.

Keely is comfortable with her body image and has the full support of her husband. The pictures they shared online show how much they still care about each other.

While the duo doesn’t let other people’s opinions get in their way, that doesn’t mean they won’t stop communicating with each other or posting online.

In most cases, trolls will comment on why a man like Pierce would choose Kili, who has become less attractive as a result of her weight gain, when he could have chosen another woman.

One of the comments that went viral online was posted by Jenelle Evans, who is a celebrity on Teen Mom.

She posted a before and after photo of Keeley and Pierce that was taken 20 years apart. It was clear that the couple had become much more difficult during their relationship, but despite this, they still kissed passionately as if they were the only two people on the planet.

Jenelle captioned the photo, “This is us,” and also tagged her husband in the post.

The post was met with criticism online, and as a result, Jenelle and her husband ended up being temporarily restricted from accessing their Facebook accounts.

Even close acquaintances of the couple noticed Keela’s weight gain and expressed concern about it.

Pierce mentioned this in a recent interview: “Friends offered her weight loss surgery.

But no matter how difficult she is, Pierce will always adore his wife. Does not matter.

“I love every curve of her body so much… She is the most beautiful woman in my eyes… And because she had our five children…”

Aw! What a wonderful boy! And he’s not done with it yet.

“In the past, I really loved her for her personality, not just her beauty, and now I love her even more because she is the mother of my children.” And I am very proud of her and always strive to be worthy of her love.”

Keely is definitely one very lucky lady

Pierce not only has the ability with words, but also showed how powerful their love is. They have a really strong foundation for their relationship, otherwise they wouldn’t have been together for 28 years!

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