The daughter of Ron Howard, Paige Howard, just got married and her wedding dress was a fairy-tale come to life….

The daughter of Ron Howard, Paige Howard, just got married and her wedding dress was a fairy-tale come to life. One of Ron Howard’s three children, Paige Howard, has just started a new chapter in her life by getting married.

The most memorable moment for Ron and Cheryl Howard, however, was their son’s performance at their wedding. While they are very proud of their kid, they acknowledge that this moment was the most memorable. The 47-year-old Ron Howard and his wife, who is also 47, have been blessed with four children. The couple is the proud parents of four children: three girls, including a set of twins, and one boy.

Paige Howard, one half of their set of identical twins, is an actress who dabbles in acting, much like her father and older sister before her.

Paige is a successful actress who has starred in films such as The Employer and Adventureland. She received her education at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. The flame-haired beauty has made guest appearances on a number of popular television programs, including The Astronauts and The Medium.

Two years ago, she announced that she would marry her longtime lover of three years, actor and musician Tim Abu-Nasr. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Paige said the couple has decided to postpone their wedding until May of next year.

Despite this, she and the man she was engaged to at the time seemed indifferent to the delay, and she said she was just happy to have him in her life.

Page and Abu-Nasr “put a lot of work and energy” into preparing for their wedding; however, they realized that all that effort and energy should be spent on marriage preparations:

“Tim and I put a lot of effort and work into planning our wedding, and even though we had to postpone it, it made us wonder: What if we gave the same attention to the preparations for our marriage as we did to the wedding day?” [Tim and I] put a lot of effort and work into organizing our wedding, and while we had to postpone it, it made us wonder: What if we put the same amount

The California native went on to say that she and her fiance, who also plays guitar, are looking forward to continuing their engagement for another year.

Despite everything, the couple managed to reach their goal in 2022, when they eventually tied the knot in the month of May. They exchanged vows in a stunning wedding ceremony that was held in a lush green setting and featured beautiful decorations.

On May 2, 2022, Abou-Nasr took to Instagram to extol the virtues of their wedding day. The musician posted three pictures from the couple’s wedding day, the first of which showed the newlyweds smiling and posing for the shot while leaning in closer.

The groom wore a charcoal suit, white shirt and tie that matched his outfit perfectly. The bride was breathtaking in her choice of strapless champagne lace gown and floral headpiece.

Paige was caught on camera walking down the aisle with her parents, who were beaming with happiness as she held the bouquet.

The third picture shows the bride and groom passionately kissing in front of the altar. According to Abu-Nasr, he and his beautiful bride tied the knot in New York City’s Central Park.

“This exceeded our expectations in every way.” Paige was the most beautiful bride, and now she is the most beautiful woman I could have asked for! I am filled with love, gratitude and relief. It was worth every minute of the wait!

His bride took to Instagram on May 2, 2022 to say that their wedding day was “the best day of her life” and that she was overjoyed:

“Ma’am. This is without a doubt the most amazing day I’ve ever had in my life. And it goes on and on. We landed on a cloud! I want to express my gratitude to every person who helped make yesterday such a beautiful day.

Paige shared a slideshow of pictures where she reflected on the parts of their wedding day, which took place on May 7, 2022, that really stood out to her. The couple is seen in one photo looking at each other while holding hands, while in another shot they are seen looking at each other against the backdrop of a park.

In addition, Page and Abu-Nasr took pictures on the streets of New York with their beloved pet and made one such picture. In the second and last shot, the groom can be seen peck his lovely bride on the cheek. In another clip from the event, the happy couple can be seen dancing together.

Pink and white flowers decorated the space, and thematic bouquets were placed on the wooden dining tables.

Paige’s older sister, Bryce, attended the wedding as a bridesmaid. She completed her look with a rose crown and a light turquoise bridesmaid dress. She was overjoyed to be able to call Abu-Nasra her brother-in-law, so she took to Instagram to congratulate the newlyweds and express her joy at being able to call him her brother-in-law.

The actress, talking about her younger sister Paige, said that her appearance is breathtaking, “like the ethereal beauty that she is”, and continued by saying:

“Designing the bride’s dress was a dream come true; as Paige walked down the aisle, we actually let out a collective scream.”

The director of the film praised the wedding ceremony, led by the couple’s father, as “a very fantastic day”. As a way to mark the occasion, Ron posted a photo on social media of the bride and groom holding hands in front of a wooden altar. The Happy Days actor admired his daughter saying:

“Our Paige looked like the flower princess she truly is as she wore one of the most amazing dresses I have ever seen.

The celebrity, Ron, took some time during the happy spring wedding celebration to convey his gratitude to everyone in attendance. He shared a photo of himself with Paige and his wife Cheryl and captioned it: ‘Cheryl and I are still beaming after Paige and Tim’s wedding. “What a wonderful opportunity this is for both families!”

On Father’s Day, Paige gave her followers another glimpse of her beautiful wedding by posting a video of her dancing with her father during her wedding reception. Cheryl, mother of the bride, is seen smiling with pride and happiness in the background of the photo.

The father-daughter dance was truly touching for the guests to witness as they watched from the audience. The comments section of the article was flooded with messages of condolence from Paige’s fans.

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