If you find a dryer sheet in your mailbox here’s what it means.

If you find a dryer sheet in your mailbox here’s what it means. The internet has some of the finest hacks in the world, and if you have a bug problem, this one could work for you!

Since Chris Strickley started working as a US postman about six years ago, he has had his fair share of difficulties. But by far, the most annoying of all are the many creatures that are waiting for him. He fortunately has the ideal trick for keeping them at bay.

Chris explains why some postal carriers swear by this ingenious solution in a Reddit post titled “If you find a dryer sheet at the back of your mailbox, the mail carrier put it there for a purpose.”

Some insects, including wasps and yellow jackets, build nests in mailboxes during the warmer spring and summer months.

Mailboxes are the ideal hiding place for these bothersome insects because the nighttime temperature is still very low.
It’s hardly ideal to have a nest of stinging insects in your mailbox, but we feel especially bad for the mailmen who might not notice the nest until it’s too late.

Chris discovered that he was frequently being stung during the warmer months and discovered the ideal trick for getting rid of the troublesome rodents.

But others would need to join in order for it to succeed.

Chris used Reddit to share his exploit with the public in an effort to remedy this situation.

In particular around this time of the year, he added, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened up a box to find a small nest with 3-5 Yellowjackets just chillin’.” If I’m very unfortunate, they’ll have built their nest in the far back of the box, which will lead to me accidentally putting my hand inside without realizing they’re there.

The 31-year-old mailman admitted that he had been stung ten different times in the previous year.
Fortunately, he discovered the ideal remedy at the ideal time: drier sheets!

It turns out that this strange substance is really effective in preventing bees and wasps from landing on people’s mailboxes.

Who would have guessed?

Chris remembered, “I started to notice dryer sheets in people’s mails at the start of spring. “At first I didn’t understand, so I just left them inside. Later, I saw that my boss had a box of them on their desk and that other couriers were grabbing handfuls out of it.

“That’s when I finally enquired why they were delivering them to us and discovered that they are a fantastic deterrent for wasps and yellowjackets.

They have become a regular component of my spring and summer ever since.

Bees and wasps can’t abide scented dryer sheets for some reason that is unclear.

One tiny sheet is all it takes to swiftly remove a nest from your mailbox or prevent insects from starting to build a home there in the first place.

Don’t be puzzled if you ever open your mailbox and see a dryer sheet inside; the mailman is actually giving you a favor!

The best course of action is to leave the sheet inside to help deter the bothersome animals.

Please be aware that your carrier most likely placed a dryer sheet at the rear of your mailbox to prevent these Satanic animals from constructing a home there, Chris wrote.

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