DoIIy Parton BIasted for Looking ‘UgIy’ & ‘Cheap’ — Husband of 56 Years Thinks She’s the Prettiest in the World

DoIIy Parton BIasted for Looking ‘UgIy’ & ‘Cheap’ — Husband of 56 Years Thinks She’s the Prettiest in the World.

Dolly Parton is almost 80, but some still criticize her appearance. She ignores the detractors since her hubby thinks she’s attractive. The singer-songwriter met Carl Dean outside a Nashville laundromat in 1964. 18-year-old her, 21-year-old him.

Dolly Parton poses in Nashville, Tennessee, circa 1965.

Parton said Dean was driving his pickup truck when he noticed her in 1976. He asked her out immediately, but she declined.

While babysitting her nephew, Parton invited Dean over. He visited the house every day that week but couldn’t enter. Actress: “We sat on the porch.”

Parton said that when her aunt took control, she could “go anyplace” with Dean.

He quickly presented her to his parents. The actress said Dean knew she was the one when he first saw her.

They married in Ringgold, Georgia, on May 31, 1966. Dean raved about his famous wife on their 50th anniversary in May 2016.

“First thought: “I’ll marry her.” Second thought: “She’s pretty.” My life began then. The previous 50 years are priceless.”

Dean doesn’t live the Hollywood lifestyle, unlike his wife. Parton has kept their marriage private at his request. She discussed it on “The Kelleigh Bannen Show” in March 2022.

The philanthropist said her mother’s advice helped her divide her personal and business lives. Her parents encouraged her to “give away” certain items so she could retain others.

Parton said keeping some things secret has helped her marriage. She learned to keep her marriage private, which grew easier with time.

“It’s natural for me to defend my loved ones and my privacy,” said the award-winning composer.

Parton on Health, Beauty
Parton guards her health. “Steel Magnolias” actress announced in June 2021 she follows an 80/20 diet.

The businesswoman maintains a low-carb diet during the week but 80/20 on weekends.

Parton’s diet eliminates fruits and vegetables, but she’s flexible with her recipes. The celebrity tried many diets.

“Every diet was tried. Non-book recipes I attempted. The book was eaten. Most diets tasted worse.”

Parton has been open about her various cosmetic operations. The “Joyful Noise” star said in September 2019 that she isn’t gorgeous without plastic surgery.

“My style is country glam. I’m not attractive, but I work with what I have.”

The Hall of Famer said she does whatever it takes to look good.


Parton was criticized for her decisions as she rose to stardom. She remembered being told to discard her characteristic style to further her career.

“People have advised me to simplify my hair and clothes. Nobody would take me seriously if I looked cheap, they said.”

Getty Images Dolly Parton on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on November 30, 2018

Social media trolls have made harsh comments regarding the Grammy winner’s looks. One Twitter user called Dolly Parton “ugIy.”

“I’d still motorboat those warlocks,” tweeted another. A third individual called Dolly Parton “ugIy,” while a fourth said, “She has great breɑsts, though.”

The Queen of Country hasn’t been fazed by the naysayers and continues to rock her style. Parton stated, “It’s expensive to appear this cheap.”

56-Year-Old Husband In the 1980s, Parton Parton had various health concerns. The singer had significant intestinal discomfort and bleeding, requiring two procedures.

Parton self-medicated with drink and food during the trɑuma. She became hoarse and couldn’t sing.

She began an intense diet, binged, and gained 50 pounds. Parton revealed in 2017 that she had a “large appetite”

The Tennessee native ate three pizzas and still craved McDonald’s and French fries.

The cycle repeated until she gained 10 pounds in 10 days then starved it off. Doctors urged her to lose 20 pounds after the poisonous habit strained her health.

She was hooked to the pattern before fainting in Indianapolis against their commands. Internal bleeding kiIIed Parton. Endometriosis led to a partial hysterectomy and tube-tying.

Parton couldn’t have children after the procedure. Her diagnosis crushed her and Dean’s goal of having six kids. She vented and eventually regained her health.

Parton stated she didn’t like rigorous dieting and opted for a nip-tuck. She said to do whatever makes you happy.

Her spouse doesn’t mind how she looks and accepts her. Parton: “He doesn’t care whether I’m big.”

“Never off. He thinks I’m the world’s sexiest, beautiful lady.”

Parton stated everyone loves “big females” and that she was encouraged to reduce weight but refused. She responded, “Fat never cost me money.”

In November 2021, Parton shared a throwback photo with her husband, and admirers swooned.

Find a partner who supports you like Carl Dean, she captioned the photo.

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