Richard Gere’s wife Alejandra Gere Spills The Beans About Her Personal Life And Confirms What We Already Know.

Richard Gere’s wife Alejandra Gere Spills The Beans About Her Personal Life And Confirms What We Already Know.

Cindy Crawford and Carrie Lowell were married to Richard Gere. In 2015, he married his third wife Alejandra Silva. The Hollywood actor has known her since childhood. Silva, who is 33 years younger than her husband, married Gere in 2015 and the two have started a family ever since.

However, the details of their relationship remained essentially hidden. Silva finally spoke to Hello in an interview and confirmed what many fans have suspected all along. Richard Gere is one of the most famous Hollywood actors. He began his theater career in London and on Broadway, and his big breakthrough came in the thriller The Hunt for Mr. Goodbar, in which he starred alongside Diane Keaton.

US actor Richard Gere (L) and his wife Spanish publicist Alejandra Silva attend City Harvest: The 2019 Gala on April 30, 2019 at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City. – City Harvest is a nonprofit food rescue organization. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP) (Photo credit should read ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere first met when she was a small child. She was born in 1983 and grew up in Madrid, the capital of Spain. While growing up, she worked as a publicist and activist.

Alejandra returned to Spain to study marketing and advertising after completing her education in Dorset, England.

Since then, she has been an activist for human rights, and in 2007 she founded the non-profit organization Fund for a Beautiful Life. It also partners with the Real Madrid Football Club Foundation to help underprivileged youth in Africa participate in sports in their villages.

Alejandra and Giro’s families were friends. Alejandra worked as a manager at the family’s hotel in Positano, Italy, where the two met again in 2014.

One of their mutual friends managed to re-introduce them and they soon felt a “really deep connection”.

In 2015, Alejandra Silva commented: “Our karma was drawn the moment we saw each other.

“We couldn’t stop looking at each other all night and we haven’t been apart since,” she added.

“It’s like I’m in a fairy tale.

At the time, they were both going through a divorce. According to Alejandra, it only helped strengthen their relationship.

“Love stories with a complicated beginning, where you have to face obstacles together,” she continued, “can bring you closer. “I’m sure I had reservations at some point.” At first he was more convinced than I was. But we knew from the beginning that we should be together.”

Gere also allegedly sent her flowers until she agreed to go on a date with him, according to her. He also regularly writes her music.

Alejandra told Hello Magazine: “I feel like I’m in a real fairy tale.” “Without a question, I consider myself the luckiest woman on the planet… What could be more romantic than a man who composes music for you every day?”

They started dating in 2017 and by 2018 they decided it was time to settle down for good. Alejandra converted to Buddhism after the couple married at Gere’s estate outside New York. Silva and Geer now live in New York.

Silva has a child from a previous marriage, Albert. Aleksandar, her and Giro’s first child, was born in February of this year. The couple announced 14 months later that she had given birth to their second son.

Alejandra Silva discloses personal information

The 33-year age difference between Alejandra Silva and Richard Gere may seem significant. True love, on the other hand, has no boundaries, and the most important thing is the bond that exists between two people.

Alejandra told Hello that the age difference does not bother her and the couple decided to keep their marriage discreet. In a recent interview, she gave us an insight into their love story, which we already knew was fantastic.

“That’s how it had to be in this existence.” She said: “He promised me at least 20 years of happiness.”

“I have to admit, he has a lot more energy than I do; he is much more active.” It’s hard for me to hold it. He is not human. Richard is obsessed with you, says everyone who sees you together. What does he claim you gave him? He knows how much I adore him.


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