Jimmy Carter Still Kisses Love of 76 Years before Bed at 98 & Enjoys ‘Rare’ Life in Old Yet ‘Homey’ Farm

Jimmy Carter turned 98 on Oct. 1, 2022, and spent the day with his wife Rosalynn. The pair set a record for longest marriage. Former President and First Lady of the US picked an antique two-bedroom ranch to retire in.

They’re still together and very much in love, but they’ve had terribIe moments that almost led to divorce.

In 2022, former US President Jimmy Carter became 98. Former president Carter spent the day with Rosalynn.

In a 2019 People story, Jimmy said he and his wife like to remain home on calm days like birthdays. The pair, united since the 1940s, spends most days alone.

The former congressman claimed they enjoyed calm days with no guests. He said they’d avoid email and phone calls.

Jimmy’s wife is his main source of energy. Rosalynn’s husband said he’s lived so long because he married “the finest spouse” who took care of him and pushed him.

Former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014, in Plains, Georgia.

He felt he married a lady who kept him committed in life. Although he spent his day resting, he and his wife were busy on their modest ranch, much as in their youth.

Jimmy fell in love instantly, but Rosalynn took a while.
Before becoming Mrs. Carter, she was Rosalynn Smith. As a child, she imagined she’d “be an old woman” and ignored guys who visited her in Plains, Georgia.

Jimmy’s future bride instructed her mother to claim she wasn’t home when the guys called in “What Makes a Marriage Last.” The future first lady said she didn’t know a boy she wanted to marry then.

Jimmy remembered how cautious Rosalynn was back then, and she liked him but not other males. According to the novel, she fell in love with his portrait on her bedroom wall.

“My mother said it was his white outfit, but I’m not sure.”

Everyone in Plains knew each other then, but Rosalynn was closer to Jimmy’s family. Ruth Carter was her best friend, so she spent a lot of time at the Carter home, but Jimmy was never there.

Rosalynn, 3 years younger, noticed him at age 13. Because of their age gap, a relationship was impossible, but when she was 18, Jimmy returned from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

During his month-long vacation, Rosalynn and Ruth plotted to get her with Jimmy. When Ruth’s brother was around, she’d contact her friend, but by the time she came, he was gone.

Jimmy had several girlfriends as a teen and dated Miss Georgia Southwestern State in high school. On the penultimate night of one of his getaways, his girlfriend was at a family gathering.

He took Ruth and her boyfriend dating, picked up Rosalynn from church, and invited her to the movies. In the book, Jimmy stated he was “compatible” with the future first lady because she was naive and lovely.

During their first date, the future US President kissed Rosalynn and told his mother, “I wanted to marry her.” On President’s Day, Jimmy proposed to Rosalynn while they were in Annapolis.

In 1977, President Jimmy Carter and his extended family, Judy (Mrs. Jack Carter), Jason James Carter, Jack Carter, Annette Carter, Jeff Carter, First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Amy Lynn Carter, Caron Griffin Carter holding James Earl Carter IV, and Chip Carter III.

First, Rosalynn rejected since she’d told her father she’d attend a four-year college. In three months, she consented, and they married on July 7, 1946.

On their first wedding anniversary, Jimmy’s wife gave birth to Jack Carter. They had Chip, Jeff, and Amy.

Early in their marriage, they traveled throughout the country due to Jimmy’s military deployments. It wasn’t always easy. His wife used a bus to fetch groceries with their toddler.

Upon coming home, she had to leave the groceries on a street corner, rush to take the youngster home, and then retrieve her items. In the 1970s, Jimmy claimed, “Rosalynn is my secret weapon” when on trial.

The couple argued and disagreed, but they worked it out. Jimmy says in the book that conflicts are part of life for “two strong-willed people,” adding:

We determined early to give each other space.

The “closest” they came to divorce was when they authored a joint book. Rosalynn said it was horrific, but they made it.

During a 2021 PBS News Hour interview, the former President described how they overcame difficulties. They always reconciled before bed.

The pair has been together for over 80 years. They returned home after leaving the White House and had simple, happy lives.

The Carters are retirees and the first presidential couple to live normally after leaving office.

After years, Rosalynn and her husband were still inseparable. They were the first presidential pair to return to their hometown after leaving office.

In a Washington Post interview, Jimmy ate a broccoli and salmon casserole on a paper plate. To show how lighthearted they were, he said, “C’mon, youngster.”

Rosalynn chuckled and grasped his hand before entering a neighbor’s home. The 39th US President and his wife ate supper had Jill Stuckey’s residence every weekend in 2018.

The duo drank chilled water from plastic glasses and cheap chardonnay then walked a half-mile home. Jimmy’s goal was never to get wealthy.

Former President Bush lost his peanut company, and his wife feared they’d lose everything. Jimmy’s wife was supported by novels he wrote in a converted garage about his life and work.

“Carter is the first contemporary president to dwell full-time at his old home.”

Former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter had dinner with Jill Stuckey on August 4, 2018 in Plains, Georgia.

His wife and he reside in a “two-bedroom rancher” The energetic couple walked along Church Street regularly, and Jimmy taught Sunday School.

Their residence has a magnolia, a pond (where Rosalynn’s husband fly fished), and a willow. On the lawn by the tree, the two would be buried in stone tombs, which would attract tourists and enhance their hometown’s economy.

“Their house is old yet cozy, with a rustic living room and a modest kitchen.”

The former first lady pondered and did Tai Chi while Jimmy swam or wrote in the mornings. He painted or made furniture when not doing other things.

The couple watched “Law & Order” or Braves games, and Jimmy read. The two regularly cooked together and produced their own yogurt; Rosalynn sprinkled blueberries they cultivated over pancakes.

Former President Jimmy Carter visits his house in Plains, Georgia, on August 5, 2018, after church.

Her husband grilled them and handled the dishes, and the magazine commented, “His uncomplicated lifestyle is becoming unusual.” In a PBS News Hour interview, the pair said they were doing well.

The previous first lady [Rosalynn Carter] and president [Jimmy Carter] shared ideas on how to patch up a fight.

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter watches as President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden leave after visiting her and former President Jimmy Carter in Plains, Georgia on April 29, 2021.

Former President Bush swam three times a day and walked a lot. He said they maintained their health as best they could given their handicaps and lived a limited existence.

“Handicap in motion drew us closer together. I’m grateful for it.

Few years ago, the pair set a marital record. In 2022, Jimmy and his wife reached a milestone in their marriage.

The Record Rosalynn and Jimmy Beat on Their Anniversary

In 2020, People magazine acknowledged Jimmy and his wife’s 74th anniversary. They broke the record held by George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush.

When Barbara passeda way in 2018, she and her husband had been married 73 years. In 2020, the Carters celebrated 76 years of marriage.

Former First Lady and President shared suggestions on how to patch up a fight. Jimmy stated they attempted reconciling and added, “We kiss in bed before bed.” And we read the Bible each night.”

Former US president Barack Obama said reading the holy book changed his life. Here’s wishing the pair many more years of happiness!

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