Store Clerk Is Fired for Helping Disabled Man, Next Day He Gets New Job That Pays 5 Times More.

Store Clerk Is Fired for Helping Disabled Man, Next Day He Gets New Job That Pays 5 Times More.

Johnny Kelly loved his job. He worked in a grocery store and loved working with people. He already knew most of the customers by name and everyone loved him for his helpful and friendly attitude.

Unfortunately, his boss, Mr. Tyrrell, was not impressed. He was a sour, tough man and only one thing was important to him – money. One day, Johnny’s kindness upsets him, and Mr. Tyrell reacts…

It all started one Wednesday afternoon when a new customer walked in. The man clawed at himself and his pinched leg revealed that he had lost a limb.

Johnny saw the man struggling with his crutches, his shopping cart, and pulling what he wanted off the shelves. He called for another customer’s groceries and kept an eye on the disabled man.

Twenty minutes later, the man was in line outside Johnny’s house. “Hello!” Johnny told the man with a smile. “How are you?”

“I’m fine,” the man said.

John nodded at the man’s crutches and asked, “Are you a veteran?”

“Yes,” said the man. “Middle East… I have a brace, but my trunk is ulcerated, so I have to use these crutches for a few months.”

“Man!” Johnny bowed. “It’s difficult!”

“Listen,” said the man. “I’m better than a lot of other guys I’ve served with.” I do not regret!”

Johnny packed the man’s groceries into two bags and watched as he struggled to grab the two bags and the crutches. “Wait!” he was crying. John turned to the other customers. “Would you wait a few minutes, please?”

Johnny grabbed the man’s shopping bags and followed him into the parking lot. There, Johnny put the man’s purchases in his trunk and said goodbye.

When he returned to the shop, he saw Mr. Tyrrell standing by Johnny’s garden, his arms crossed and looking very angry. “Where have you been?” he asked angrily. “Customers are waiting!”

“I’m sorry Mr. Tyrell,” said Johnny. “There was a gentleman with only one leg and he couldn’t carry his groceries…” One of the customers in line walked in before Mr. Tyrrell could answer.

“This young man was very kind,” he said. — I didn’t mind waiting! The other customers agreed and Mr. Tyrell smiled, but his eyes were cold.

At closing time, he called Johnny into his office and handed him a pink note and a check. “I don’t care what other fools say.” You are here to work, not to do charity!” he said. “Every moment I’m away from work is costing me.”

“Making money is what life is all about, you know? Enough with your trash. You are fired!”

Jon looked at Mr. Tyrell’s angry face and knew there was no point in arguing. He took the check and left. He had to start looking for a job right away. His mother depended on him.

The next morning, at 7:00, John was at the bus stop waiting to go into town to look for work. The car stopped and a friendly voice greeted him. “Here we go! Do you need a ride to the store?”

It was the man of the previous day! “Hello,” Johnny said. “I don’t go to the store. I don’t work there anymore.”

The man looked surprised. “Why not?” asked.

Johnny blushed and explained, “Mr. Tyrell said I was away from administration for too long. He fired me.”

The man looked troubled. “It was because of me!” he was crying. “Get in the car. I’ll take you anywhere you want.”

“I’m going downtown to look for a job,” Johnny said.

“Are you?” said the man. “So besides working at the store, what else can you do?”

Johnny looked embarrassed. “My mom says the only thing I’m good at is playing video games,” he admitted.

“Really!” said the man. He seemed interested. “What are you playing and what are your scores?”

To Johnny’s surprise, the man knew a lot about video games and seemed quite impressed with Johnny’s opinions and ideas about games.

“You want to work for me?” the man asked.

“For you?” Johnny asked. “What works?”

“I want you to show my game developer some of those ideas you shared with me,” the man said. “I am the owner of a company that makes games.” I think you’ll fit right in!”

A week later, Johnny started working at the man’s company and really liked it. His boss insisted he go back to school and take night classes at the local college, but Johnny didn’t mind.

His one-legged friend wasn’t just a big boss; he was a mentor. Although it was difficult at first, little by little, with his help, Johnny became the best programmer in the company.

He was making five times what he was making in the store and doing something he loved, building a future, and it all started with a kind gesture.

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