Doctor gasps seconds after delivering twins, looking down we see why!

Doctor gasps seconds after delivering twins, looking down we see why!

Having a baby is exciting and stressful, but having twins is even more so, in fact, it is one of the most exciting experiences to go through! It comes with its own challenges and sometimes serious complications for the mother or the baby.

Childbirth takes its toll, one mother got the surprise of her life when it was time to give birth and even the doctors were amazed!

It is estimated that around 10-15% of pregnancies start with twins, but unfortunately end up with only one child. It’s called the “missing twin” syndrome, and many mothers never discover it. More care is often required as a mother of twins, however, more observations and many things can also go wrong.

Sarah Thistlewaite, a math teacher from Ohio, decided it was time to start a family of her own with her husband. They were excited about the arrival of their little babies, identical twins, they had so many questions!

As it happens, the twins had a rather rare set of twins, they were identical but monoamniotic twins, meaning they shared the same anion sac in their mother’s womb. This was a 1 in 10,000 chance that they would have such babies, right away, they knew they were special!

….They didn’t expect childbirth as special as pregnancy!

Sarah spent more than two months in the hospital because of her rare pregnancy, everyone interested in the rare pregnancy, she started to feel like she was under a microscope. But what she didn’t know was that it would get even worse…

The couple knew early on that Sarah would have a C-section because the babies were completely together, side by side. The doctors considered this a routine procedure and said everything would be fine.

The doctors were shocked, but it was really clear that what they were seeing was unusual…

Sarah had a screen covering what was happening and what the doctors were doing. She just wanted to hear the baby cry, which would indicate normal breathing and a successful delivery. But instead, she only heard the sounds of shock as the babies were taken from her womb.

The doctors couldn’t separate the babies to take them out one by one, so they pulled them out together, entwined in one. At first they weren’t sure the babies were okay, but when they got a closer look, they realized what was really going on, and then the room went silent…

Her heart felt like it was going to jump out of her chest, she was impatient and wanted to see her babies now! With what they saw, it was really clear that the two of them already had a special bond.

Two babies came into this world holding hands!! When the doctor realized this together with the nurses, everyone felt a special touching moment. Everyone started crying with joy and happiness, this was truly a one in a million baby birth!!

Luckily someone was around to photograph the babies and capture the moment forever in a photo, everyone wanted to know more, everyone was so touched, how special it really was.

The story of the couple and their babies was published in newspapers and magazines, no one could get enough of the story and how it happened and the moments before and after the birth, plus of course the beautiful photo of the babies holding hands!

The birth and indeed the whole pregnancy was terrifying to say the least, but both babies came out healthy and with all fingers and toes. The special bond they share is very apparent right from the start. The babies were named Julian and Jenna.

The girls really like to do everything together, even wearing the same clothes, it is very difficult to tell the couple apart.

Sarah said:

“Sometimes if my husband goes to the grocery store, he’ll take one twin and I’ll hold the other. When this happens, they both get very upset and look for each other. They are definitely very close. two peas in a pod. tail”.

Although sometimes difficult, their parents love them both equally, every step of the way, raising twins is a challenge every day!

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