Paris Hilton Could Welcome 1st Baby Soon — Mom-To-Be Is Not Interested in Making Billions Anymore

Paris Hilton Could Welcome 1st Baby Soon — Mom-To-Be Is Not Interested in Making Billions Anymore

Paris Hilton rethought her life priorities for the sake of her future baby with her husband. Paris hadn’t hoped to find the right man after having toxic exes and a ruined engagement. Fate brought Paris and her husband together after they had been the closest people for many years.

In November 2018, Paris Hilton finally spoke publicly about her split from her fiance Chris Zylka. During the show “The Talk”, the star said that she is doing well and spending time alone.

She explained that she felt when she fell in love, it happened hard and fast, turning into a stormy romance. Paris admitted that she imagined that she would have a happy life with Zylko, but after a while she realized that it was not the right choice.

However, she had no ill feelings towards her ex, she wished him the best and hoped that one day he would get married and have children. At the time, Paris said she was content to focus on her work and herself.

Zylka and the disc jockey (DJ) only dated for almost two years before ending things. Earlier this month, Us Weekly’s source revealed that Paris broke up with her fiance a few weeks ago and has since been in Australia and Dubai.

The insider claimed that the star realized that their relationship was not meant to be and was not right for her. The couple reportedly had “some issues” during their relationship, and Paris ended it.

After ending their relationship, Paris spent some time where she was not convinced that she would find the “perfect partner”. The entrepreneur once said that after breaking up with Zilka, she thought she would spend time alone forever and gave up, believing that she didn’t need anyone.

However, little did she know that fate was still on her side. Little did the star know that there was someone who had been close to her for more than a decade, who would swoop in and change her mind forever!

How did Paris and her husband get together after being close for years?

In September 2020, Paris revealed that she traveled 250 days a year for work before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, she was forced to stay at home during peak times.

The best thing about that period was that she got to spend time with her pets and her boyfriend, with whom she became close. The star said that the time they spent together was equivalent to five years!

Paris’ new boyfriend was a family friend and businessman named Carter Rheum, and they started dating in November 2019. The DJ revealed that she had known him for 15 years, and when his sister invited her over for Thanksgiving, she and Rheum have connected.

The couple had great chemistry, and after their first date, they were never apart every night! The businesswoman admitted she fell in love and felt the partnership she had with Reuma was the one she deserved after going through five “toxic” relationships.

Paris believed that she was not ready for love before, but she always wanted a relationship like her parents. She said her parents were her best friends and her father was devoted, and she wanted that, but she was looking in the wrong places.

Ironically, Rheum reminded her of her father, made her feel happy and safe and he was real! After striking up a romance in 2019, the couple got engaged and had two weddings, where they both cried as they exchanged vows, in February and November 2021.

After a three-day wedding celebration in Los Angeles, Paris revealed she can’t wait to grow their family. The star shared how she felt she and Reum were like pieces of a puzzle that connected and she never thought she’d meet a man like him who loved her for who she was before adding:

“He will be the best husband – and the best dad.”

Despite thinking she would spend the rest of her life single and focused on her work, Paris was now looking at another upcoming milestone. The star made a difficult choice that had everything to do with her marriage.

Paris is no longer career focused due to motherhood

In her documentary This Is Paris, Rheum’s wife imagined that she would not stop working until she became a billionaire. However, by June 2021, her goals had changed, and she explained that she achieved them then because she was not happy.

A parent [Kathi Hilton] supported her child [Paris Hilton] and told her that many people have gone through the same thing.

Paris, who was 41 in November 2022, said she saw that money had independence and happiness without control, and that was why it was the focus of her life. However, she was now so in love and happy with her life that she noticed:

“I’m not really interested in billions anymore.” I’m more interested in babies.”

In November 2022, a year after the hotel heiress married Reuma, her mother, Kathy Hilton, gave an update on the couple’s goal of having children. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star said the couple is extremely happy.

The duo celebrated their first anniversary at the carnival and hoped to make it an annual event. Kathy said her daughter and son-in-law were like children, and it was “really sweet.”

Paris’ mother revealed that she and Rheum are trying for their first child. However, Cathy said it “breaks my heart because I know she’s trying and trying, and I’m always like, ‘Just relax’.”

The parent supported her child and told her many people went through the same thing. The reality television star informed the businesswoman that people struggled and pregnancy didn’t always happen just like that.

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