Mom’s Tough Note to Bratty Son Is Going Viral and You Can Understand Why

Mom’s Tough Note to Bratty Son Is Going Viral and You Can Understand Why. It is definitely not easy to raise a child, this is probably something that every mother and father will be able to attest to.

We all try to teach them good lessons, behave, be kind and nice and actually listen to their parents. However, as they age, not every child likes to obey certain rules.

During adolescence or puberty, it is much more common for children to rebel against their parents in some way. It is one of life’s hurdles that every child and parent must go through.

A single mother lived with her 13-year-old teenage son, who misbehaved, did not treat his mother with respect, and spent a lot of time glued to screens. He began to neglect his school work.

One day she had had enough. Mom decided to write him an honest and powerful letter that would be a “rude awakening.”

Instead of arguing it out, she knew she had to take a very different approach. She wrote a letter and taped it to his bedroom door. It all started when her son, 13-year-old Aaron, wasn’t doing his homework properly. As a result, his mother then simply restricted his internet access and things have only gotten worse since then.

Aaron started giving her a big attitude, started slamming doors and disrespecting his mother. He also kept shouting that he made his money with his YouTube channel and didn’t need it anymore. The next letter was my mother’s reply. Although, it’s probably fair to say that it’s not just a letter, but an invoice!

“Dear Aaron, since you seem to have forgotten that you are only 13 and I am a parent and that you will not be controlled, I think you need a lesson in independence. “Also, since you threw it in my face that you’re making money now, it will be easier for me to buy all the things I bought you earlier,” the letter begins.

“If you want your own lamp(s) or internet access, you will have to pay your share of the cost.”

Rent – $430

Electricity – $116

Internet – 21 USD

Food – $150

It was clear that mom was really fed up with this and didn’t want to be treated like this. Besides the bills, Mom had a few other things to take care of.

“Also, you’ll need to take out the trash on Monday, Wednesday, + Friday, and + vacuum on those days.” You will have to keep your bathroom clean every week, prepare your meals and clean up after yourself. If you don’t, I’ll pay you $30 a maid for every day I have to do it.”

At the end of the letter, Mom gave Aaron one more chance and maybe one last chance with some final, strong words.

“If you decide you’d rather be my child again, instead of my roommate, we can renegotiate the terms.” I love you mom”.

The mom posted the letter on Facebook, but she didn’t expect her powerful message to spread across the Internet and go viral.
It was only her intention to let friends and family see the post, but the letter went viral and reached the point where it was seen by hundreds of thousands of people. She also explained that she took off her son’s favorite clothes and removed his mattress until he behaved.

“He’ll have three options. Buy his own, rent his own clothes for $3 a day, or renegotiate the terms of being a kid.” Mom is done playing games and being a doormat.”

Thousands of parents applauded the mother’s “rude awakening” letter, but some had a bit of criticism.

The woman reiterated that it was never her intention to publicly embarrass Aaron, but it went viral before she could stop it.

Many did not think it was intended to share the letter with the whole world, for example, although it was accidental. She later posted an update to her original post to provide some more background information.

She also explained how Aaron reacted to the letter.

Of course, he was not very happy when he discovered the letter and went out for fresh air. When he returned, he and Mom had an honest and emotional conversation, and things seem to have improved since then.

“…after about an hour, he removed a few electronics and things I was missing, and he felt he should come back because of his behavior.” He apologized and asked what he could do to fix things and start getting articles again.”

Aaron seems to have learned a valuable lesson that day and his behavior towards his mother has begun to change in a positive way. The two even made a pact to address a number of issues they had in the past, such as homework, screen time, and work.

For this mom, the “tough love” approach seems to have worked in her favor in the end. A hard but valuable lesson learned.

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