Finally, Gwen Stefani got pregnant with Blake Shelton’s 1st child. You can see her photo with the baby bump here

Finally, Gwen Stefani got pregnant with Blake Shelton’s 1st child. You can see her photo with the baby bump here

Blake Shelton, according to a December 2022 story, was having to balance being a role model and friend to his stepsons. The country singer and his one-year-old wife, Gwen Stefani, were raising her three boys together.

Shelton said in 2021 that he, Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma Rossdale were always together. The actor admitted that he didn’t mind being all buddy-buddy with the guys, but he also knew that they were listening to what he said.

According to the source, Stephanie wanted “nothing more than to give her husband ‘her baby.'” According to the insider, the country singer’s wife “decided to try IVF again a few months ago” after taking a break from trying to conceive. to become pregnant.

Unable to conceive naturally, the singer and her husband opted for IVF after multiple treatments failed. The operation took a toll on him both emotionally and physically, and Stefan’s doctors told him to rest his body.

According to the source, Stephanie put a lot of pressure on herself to get pregnant for Shelton, which took a toll on her and he hated seeing her in that state. The singer paused and focused on their engagement in 2020, wedding next year, work and her children.

The couple then went to see a specialist in Los Angeles a few months later in 2022. To prepare, the No Doubt member began eating healthier, doing acupuncture, meditation and other activities, and in early December that year it was revealed that she “finally got pregnant”.

Stefani is reportedly pregnant with her fourth child at the age of 53, fulfilling the couple’s goal! According to some rumors, Shelton’s wife was already showing that she was pregnant!

On October 26, 2022, Stefani graced the red carpet at the NIVICI Matric Awards wearing a pink outfit that reportedly showed off her baby bump! According to the source, her friends were delighted with her pregnancy, while she and her husband were “beyond ecstatic” and called it a “Christmas miracle”.

Shelton, then 46, shared a photo on social media of him and his wife posing for photos at the event two days later. He called her his “favorite person” and said he was “proud” of her, prompting a fan to ask the question below the post:

“Does it look like a baby bump?”

Another person congratulated the couple, expressing their delight that they are “growing your family!” The couple received “many blessings” from God, according to their fans.

More celebrities were expected to attend the event, which also featured games, desserts and mocktails.

A third person spotted the rumored baby bump and said Shelton would be an “amazing parent! According to some sources, the couple was already planning their fourth child and the country singer was eager to become a father as he was already a devoted stepfather.

Shelton considered Stephanie’s children as if they were his biological offspring, even though they were not. According to the source, he joked that his house had enough testosterone and that if he had authority, he would get a “mistress”.

The couple reportedly prepared their homes in Oklahoma and Los Angeles for the arrival of the child. According to the source, Shelton has already bought a pink cowboy hat and boots, and has been working on making some baby items, like a crib.

The country musician also indulged his wife, making sure she was relaxed, rested and calm after the long journey that brought him here. Shelton reportedly asked Taylor Swift to throw him an animal-themed baby shower.

More celebrities were expected to attend the event, which also included games, desserts and mocktails. Stefani cut back her work as a country singer so they could spend more time with their family.

According to the source, this is a “new chapter” in the couple’s life. The coach of “Glas” and his wife were allegedly “excited” about what was to come!

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