Candace Cameron Bure Gets Massive Victory Over ‘Woke’ Critics — Thanks Fans For Helping Her Network Become The Fastest-Growing Last Year

Candace Cameron Bure Gets Massive Victory Over ‘Woke’ Critics — Thanks Fans For Helping Her Network Become The Fastest-Growing Last Year.

Candace Cameron Bure gave her fans and supporters a big thank you for helping her reach another career milestone in 2022. The “Full House” and “Fuller House” alum left The Hallmark Channel for Family of Great American last year and the move helped make the new network the fastest growing in all of cable.

Bure, who is the network’s chief creative officer, recently posted a press release from parent company Great American Media on her Instagram Stories page that said the channel ended the fourth quarter of 2022 as “the fastest-growing network in all of cable.”

“Thanks for finding us and watching The Great American Family Channel,” Bure captioned a picture of the press release, according to a Christian Post report.

“Great news for Great American Media’s #GreatAmericanFamily for the rest of 2022 and an even better way to start 2023. Happy New Year to everyone who helped make this happen, from the people on and off the camera, but especially to our viewers!” the network said added in a tweet touting this achievement.

The Christian Post further noted:

GAF noted that in just its second year of existence, the channel ranked “No. 1 in growth in Total Daily Household Ratings (+113%), Ages 18-49 (+100%) and Total Viewership (+116%), collected by Nielsen- a. The family network also ranked first in “Family Appeal Rating Growth (+128%) among all cable networks.” Bure’s executive role at GAC Media began in April 2022, and since then the outspoken Christian has been producing and starring in religious and family content.

Dubbed the “Queen of Christmas Movies,” Bure, 46, also helped develop the channel’s “Great American Christmas” franchise.

“I’m constantly looking for ways to inspire people to live with purpose,” she said in a statement last year. “GAC is a perfect fit for my brand; we share a vision of creating compelling and wholesome content for an audience that wants to watch programs for and with the whole family.”

“My heart wants to tell stories that have more meaning, purpose and depth behind them,” Bure told The Wall Street Journal in a recent interview. “I knew that the people behind Great American Family were God-loving Christians who wanted to promote faith-based programming and good family entertainment.”

Deadline marked in November:

On Big American Family, Bure reunited with her former Hallmark boss Bill Abbott, who gave her the freedom to produce and create content under the Candace Cameron Bure Presents banner. Bure explained that the reason she left Hallmark was that “it’s basically a completely different network than when I started because of the leadership change.”

In response, The Hallmark Channel said, “We want all viewers to see themselves in our programming, and everyone is welcome.”

The channel announced last fall that it would be promoting its first LGBTQ-themed holiday movie called “The Holiday Sitter,” a project that Bure said GAC would not begin anytime soon.

“I think the Great American Family will keep traditional marriage grounded,” she said.

Meanwhile, Pure Flik founders David A.R. White and Michael Scott, who founded the network in 2005 and which has since been acquired by Sony Pictures, said the holiday market is large and ripe for traditional themes.

“I think the families were asking for it,” Scott, who is the son of a pastor like White, told Fox News. “People not only here in the US, but around the world have been asking for it.” It was just a great place for us.”

He said they were inspired by “this hunger and this need to give people content that lifted and inspired that human spirit that was something different than what Hollywood was giving them.”

“I don’t think even Hollywood has realized how big the market is here, it’s like there isn’t one at all,” White added.

“I think for the longest time this content wasn’t available to families,” White observed. “Just safe, uplifting, inspiring content that ultimately brings people to higher levels of insight to who God is and the purpose that he has for their lives.”

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