Priscilla Presley Breaks Silence after Lisa Marie Presley Passed Away & Sadly Repeats Her Dad’s Fate

Priscilla Presley Breaks Silence after Lisa Marie Presley Passed Away & Sadly Repeats Her Dad’s Fate.

It was announced that Lisa Marie Presley had passed away on January 12, 2023, at the age of 54. The singer-songwriter was most known for being the only child and daughter of Priscilla Presley and Elvis Presley.

Lisa Marie’s mother posted a photo of herself and her late daughter on social media a few hours before she passed away. Elvis’ ex-wife explained how her child had been taken by ambulance to a hospital where she was treated.

Priscilla begged her followers to remember her family in their prayers, expressed her gratitude for the well-wishes they received globally, and pleaded for privacy. But when Lisa Marie didn’t make it, the star’s distraught mother finally spoke out in a statement that read:

“I must break the heartbreɑking news that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has left us,” I must say.

Priscilla went on: “I have never met a lady who was as passionate, courageous, or loving as she was. We request discretion as we work to process this tragic loss.” She added the following as her final sentence:

“Thank you for your prayers and love. No more commentary will be made at this time.”

Elvis posted a new statement on his social media platforms. The cause of Lisa Marie’s deɑth was disclosed, along with information about how devastated and horrified Priscilla and her family were by the singer’s passing but appreciative for the love, support, and prayers they had received.

How Did Lisa Marie Meet the Same End as Her Father?

Jerry Francisco, a Memphis medical examiner, identified heɑrt ɑrrest as the cause of Elvis Presley’s deɑth in 1977. A biography of the late performer by Peter Guralnick revealed subsequently that “drug use was significantly implicated” in his passing.

Ironically, Gladys Love Presley, the star’s mother, also away from a comparable condition on August 14, 1958, at the age of 46. Her cause of deɑth was ultimately determined to be a heart ɑttack, with liver failure brought on by alcohol poisoning being one of several contributing factors.

Two years after Elvis Presley went away in June 1979, his father, Vernon Presley, also passed away at the age of 63 from a heart ɑttack. On the day of Lisa Marie’s passing, EMTs reportedly sped to her Calabasas house after getting a report of a probable cardiac ɑrrest.

According to sources, Priscilla’s daughter experienced “complete ɑrrest” and needed to be given epinephrine once to restore a pulse. She apparently had CPR done on her by paramedics before they took the singer to the hospital.

According to reports, Lisa Marie’s mother visited the hospital in the early afternoon. Apparently, the housekeeper discovered the deceased musician comatose in her bedroom, according to another insider.

After dropping their kids off at school, her ex-husband, Danny Keough, arrived home at the same time. He allegedly administered CPR until assistance arrived while he and Lissa Marie, who they had been living with, were still alive.

When “Elvis” actor Austin Butler whispered “I love you forever” to the late singer Lisa Marie Presley, she broke down in tears.

The late songwriter was reportedly admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), put on life support, and had a temporary pacemaker implanted. She reportedly had a serious condition and had been put into an induced coma.

Lisa Marie reportedly complained of stomach symptoms the morning of the day she passed away, which sources claim got worse. Priscilla and Riley Keough, the late star’s daughter, were by her hospital bedside, according to insiders, and her illness had started long before she passed away.

At the Golden Globes, how did Lisa Marie feel?

On January 11, 2023, Lisa Marie attended the Golden Globe Awards, only days before she passed away. She expressed her admiration for actor Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis in the movie while she was there to promote the Elvis biopic.

At the ceremony, Lisa Marie spoke to the media while appearing wobbly, slurring her words, and speaking slowly. Jerry Schilling, who appeared to steady her during her interviews, was present.

Lisa Marie said she would hold onto Schilling’s arm when asked whether she had come to know Butler. In addition to acting in the Elvis movie, Schilling managed talent and had a close working relationship with the late King of Rock ‘n Roll.

After watching the actor’s performance, Priscilla’s daughter admitted that she was completely floored. He claimed that because of how genuine and accurate his performance was, it took her five days to digest it.

Lisa Marie and her mother appeared to be in tears when Butler gave his acceptance speech after winning a Golden Globe for his performance. The late singer broke down in tears when the “Elvis” actor told her, “I love you forever.”

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