The baby had something sticking out of his face doctors are sh0cked when they found out what it was

The baby had something sticking out of his face doctors are sh0cked when they found out what it was

Wandering through networks, especially social networks, it is not rare to come across very special stories, which, although not recent, are shared even after a long time.

Yesterday, one of my Facebook contacts shared a story about a little girl, Maya Whittington, a very strange story that would have screamed a lie at first, but turned out to be true to the point that it caught the attention of the media.

The case happened in December 2012 in Hutchinson, an American city and capital of Reno County, Kansas.

The protagonist is exactly Mia Whittington, a girl who was not yet 7 months old at the time of the facts.

It was on December 8, 2012, when Maya Whittington’s parents noticed an abnormal swelling on the girl’s neck, in the area just below her jaw.

Concerned, they decide to take the girl to the emergency room at Hutchinson Regional Medical Center.

When they arrive at the center, the diagnosis is quickly made: the attending doctors assume that it is a swollen gland and are inclined to give an antibiotic. The family was then sent home.

Later, after noticing a strange pimple appearing in the swollen area, which has since grown to the size of a golf ball and a half, Maya Whittington’s grandmother takes the child back to the hospitaI.

After seeing her, the doctor diagnoses a staph infection in her lymph nodes, gives another antibiotic, pops the pimple, and draws an outline of the swollen area with a marker so he can then measure any increase or decrease.

And it is at this point that an oddity occurs.

Left alone in the room, the child’s parents notice something like a stick sticking out of their daughter’s cheek. Not getting any intervention from the doctor, they decided to take him to a pediatrician.

During a further visit, he continued to remove the strange object from the girl’s cheek, which later turned out to be a 2-inch (about 5 centimeter) black feather.

The only plausible explanation the doctors gave for the presence of that foreign body on little Mia’s cheek was the assumption that the girl had long ago swallowed or inhaled a feather that, after a long stay, got stuck between her neck and jaw, jumped out of the body.

In fact, Mia Whittington’s mother, Emma, said during various interviews that were later published that she had a feather pillow that she decided to throw away after the ɑccident.

Fortunately, this strange episode did not have trɑgic consequences, the doctors decided not to intervene in the swollen area but to wait for it to heal on its own.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this story has generated a lot of curiosity, the Whittingtons have told their story on several national talk shows, including “Anderson Cooper Live” (the second video that is visible at the end of this article – ed.), and on the program that the Japanese took a camera crew to Wichita, Kansas in May 2013 to film and interview Aaron and Emma Whittington.

Below is a video of the parent interview.

Below is the Whittingtons’ appearance on Anderson Cooper Live.

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