Kelly Preston passed away two years ago, and since then, John Travolta has devoted his life to raising his three children in a house that with airport…

Kelly Preston passed away two years ago, and since then, John Travolta has devoted his life to raising his three children in a house that with airport…

Kelly Preston, married to John Travolta, passed away two years ago. Preston passed away secretly of breast cɑncer. Travolta has been more open about his recuperation and has started new endeavors.

Kelly Preston and John Travolta met in 1989 during a screen test for “The Experts,” the start of their romance.

Preston told Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” that their relationship was “kinda” love at first sight, even if Travolta has always called it that. Preston had not yet divorced Kevin Cage after two years of marriage.

After her divorce, the actress dated George Clooney until 1989. Preston dated Charly Sheen until 1990. Travolta rushed to date Preston when he was single.

They married at the Hotel de Crillon in Paris on September 5, 1991, after realizing they were suited for each other. Kelly Preston was two months pregnant with Jett when she married John Travolta.

“Addicted to Love” 1997 set starring John Travolta and Kelly Preston | Image: Getty Images

John Travolta and Kelly Preston enjoyed a 28-year marriage. Despite their marital ups and downs, the couple remained in love and grateful for one other. In 2005, Travolta says treatment saved his marriage.

For twelve years, the actor and his wife Preston have gone to counseling every two months. The couple has three children: Jett, who tragically passed away at 16, Ella Bleu, 22, and Benjamin, 11.

Preston passed away at 57 after two years of silently fighting breast cɑncer. Travolta announced her deɑth on Instagram with a moving message. ‘

After his wife’s deɑth, the actor requested time off to heal himself and his two children. Travolta:

After a two-year struggle with breast cɑncer, Kelly passed away. “I will be taking some time to be there for my children who have lost their mother, so pardon me in advance if you don’t hear from us for a while,” “I will spend time with my children who lost their mother,” I will spend time with my children who lost their mother.


Benjamin Travolta was nine when his mother passed away of cɑncer. On Kevin Hart’s “Heart to Hart” chat show, the “Pulp Fiction” star discussed deɑth with his 10-year-old son.

Travolta said his son has worried about his own mortality since his mother’s deɑth. “Because mum di’ed away, I’m frightened you will too,” Benjamin told his father.

Travolta, who lost his son, spoke about abrupt deɑth. Travolta lost his son. The actor told his child, “Well, it’s an entirely other thing.” I compared my life to hers, which was shorter.

“I responded, ‘Ben, you have always enjoyed the truth, and I’m going to offer you the truth about life,’” the father of three recounted, continuing to calm his kid. Nobody knows their plans or when they’ll go.

Ella, Travolta’s daughter, wrote her father a moving message on Father’s Day, his first following his wife’s deɑth. Ella, like her parents, is an actress and has worked with Morgen Freeman.

The actress described her father’s days in her photo caption:

“Happy Father’s Day to the kindest, caring, and giving guy I know,” “Watching you live has taught me the most important lessons in life. I appreciate your friendship and contributions. I love you, Daddy.”

Two years after Preston’s deɑth, Travolta is selling their Maine vacation home. The star reportedly listed the 20-bedroom mansion he bought with his late wife in 1991.

The couple regularly went to their 10,830-square-foot oceanfront property to relax and spend time with their families. Travolta is trying to move on and return to his new normal.

Travolta shared his grief in 2021. “Grease” star Danny Zuko said he drowned in everyone’s anguish at first. He understood he needed a space to grieve and heal.

Travolta noted that grief and “weeping for someone” is a personal experience that affects different people differently. The actor also advised grieving people. Travolta:

Carl Rogers stated, “Let them feel it and don’t compound it.”

John Travolta’s Florida airport mansion from “The Richest” YouTube channel.

The “Pulp Fiction” actor lives in Florida. Pilots love the residence since it sits in Jumbolair Aviation Estate, a residential airpark. Two airplane parking pavilions sit on 9.5 acres.

The Florida mansion boasts a pool, indoor cabana, five bedrooms, and five bathrooms. Preston and John Travolta bought this Hollywood estate, one of the first airplane-friendly properties. They were among the first Hollywood couples to buy such a property.

The Golden Globe-winning actor is filming a Columbus, Georgia-set film. Randall Emmett and John Travolta will star in the film, whose title is unknown. The actor’s wife’s deɑth anniversary is July 12, a difficult day for him as his schedule gets busier.

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